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New Zealand is situated near Australia. It has above 269 thousand square km and it is formed by two islands: North and South. In the northern part is the lake Taupo where are many volcanos and peaks : Ruapehu (is the bigest- 2796 metres), Ngauruhoe and Tongario. There are hot sources and geysers. In the southern part are the mountains Sountherner Alps. The biggest peaks reach about 3000 metres. The Maori were the first people who discovered and populated New Zeland. They lived on hunting, agriculture and fishing. Wellington is the capital of New Zeland but the biggest city is Auckland. Auckland is the biggest port and there is much industry. Wellington is the centre of administration and trade. The climate is mainly subtropical and mediterranean. In higher part of the mountains Sounthener Alps there is snow, and often it does not melt. The highest glacier is Tasmanian Glacier. There are often impetuos downpours and before that there is strong sun and that`s why there grow grasses and fodder plants. There cattle and sheep are raised. In the northern island better are the biggest pastures where grass vegatates . In this part milk and cheese are produced. The production of wool is mainly in the sounthern part. The population work in forestry, fishing and expanding electrotechnical, metallurgical and textile industry. There is power industry: hydroelectric power station and geotermics station. They mine natural gas and ember in New Zealand. Tourism, services and trade are becoming the source of income. Export commodities are : meat, wool, butter, cheese, hide, fruits and aluminium. Import commodities: machines, textiles, vehicles, iron and steel, oil products. The currency is New Zeland dolar. The language is English because New Zeland belongs to The Commonwealth.

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