:: General Info :: What do you know about Canada? Not much? Don't worry! Read this text if you want to know something more about it.

Canada is the biggest country in North and South America, just Russia is bigger than it. Surface of Canada is 9'970'537 square kilometers. It is so vast that it crosses seven time zones. The capital city is Ottawa, but it isn't the biggest city in Canada. The biggest city is Toronto. In Canada live 28'753'100 people (in Poland live about 38'000'000), 76% people live in towns, especially in a southern part of Canada.The density of population is only one person per 100 square kilometer. 63% people speak English, just 25% speak French.
:: Forests :: About 43% surface of Canada is covered by forests. 80% of the all forests are coniferous( spruces, firs, pines). Canada is the largest
:: Climate :: Climate in Canada is continental. Winters here are very frosty but summers are hot and dry. Average temperature in January is -15 degrees Celsius in Winnipeg and in the North it could be -30 Celsius degree. In summer the average temperature is +15 degrees Celsius. Year's rainfall inside land is about 100 cm. In the West in the mountains the rainfall and snowfall are about 200cm.
:: Ottawa :: Ottawa is the capital of Canada. Ottawa is the governmental and cultural center of Canada. Its main points of interest are Parlament Hill with its changing of the guard,National Library and SupremeCourt buildings. Ottawa is a bi-cultural city, with newspaperstand TV channels in both languages, English and Franch.
:: History :: Before colonism began in the Ottawa region, it had been inhabited by the Huron and Algonquian Indians. In 1613 French exploler Samuel de Champlain arrived at the Chaudiere Falls marking the begining of white expansion, with the Ottawa River being important in the successfull development of the French fur trade. In 1800 Philemon Wright, a New Englander, settled there, establishing a more permanent settlement. The city only started to grow in 1826 with the building of the Rideau Canal and in 1857 Queen Victoria choose Ottawa for the seat of the government.

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