Lesson with typical English food

Last Friday we had an unusual English lesson. Our purpose was to prepare a presentation or cook a traditional British dish.

Some of us prepared a short video showing our struggle with cooking, as it turned out – it wasn’t dat simple at All. Other students made just food with receipe on a plastic plate where the meal was given.

I was in group with my friends Szymon and Krystian, we do group homeworks in this team very often so we are a very harmonious and good to each other.

Krystian came up with an idea to make a video. As always, we did it In Szymon’s flat. I decided to prepare fish and chips with salat, it was a good idea because we hadn’t had to spent a lot for ingredients. Our whole meal costed us about 30 zł so it was cool for us. Our cooking was very funny, we enjoyed this experience a lot, making a meal and using English at once, so nice!

I think the rest of the class also liked this exercise, almost everyone prepared something. In my opinion this learned us some information about British food, eating habbits etc. Important thing, it’s a very practical knowledge, if we go to the UK some Day, we will be a lot more prepared to do something in the kitchen or know which dishes In the restaurants are good.

Summing up i like that kind of lessons very much, it’s better then a ordinary lesson for certain, but those exercises can’t be too often, because it would become boring for us… However I hope there will be more active classes for us, to make students feel interested about the subject.

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