Language Club

On Wednesday (19.10.2016) the first meeting of The Language Club was held. It was magic time full of fun and enjoyment. Before we started playing, each member went through "a magic gate" (read: the door) and the curtain made of the flag of England. Just at the doorstep we got a "magic" cookie. The power of these cookies made us speak English...

Jadwiga Wojtera, 2c

Six types of teacher

When you first start high school, you have no idea what you are getting yourself into, what type of people you will meet or what types of teachers you will have. Teachers transfer their learning to you, expanding your mind with their knowledge. The joy of the class often depends entirely on the them. All of those teen movie that you have watched in the past gave you a completely wrong perception of what real high school is all about. U cannot choose what teachers you want to teach you. So you just have to deal with them. So here are the different types of teachers at high schools: ...

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Go West, young man!


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